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Sunday, January 02, 2005
New Year Statement

(Writing my hair still in hairspray from New Year's Eve - Just didn't have time to wash it!)

OK, kinda hard to begin it but I decide to do with storytelling. So far my New Year's Eves have been so-so terrible. Man would suppose that I want to try the exaltation of partying on that night without worries. Man would be right. I wanted to really let go of that waste that has crippled all of our senses lately, though it is so hard as people die everywhere around us at that very moment. Well, I did, I did get dressed up and did all the eating and drinking, then all the music and partying. and then I felt the same as always. I hadn't gained anything. The minor difference was that I was not feeling like I wasted time on something that I wouldn't want to remember. And what I am trying to tell you is that you never waste your time if you feel that you're doing is worth a memory!
(Just don't always waste your time! After all - veeerrrryyyy few things are worth a memory!)

What I really want to promise you is to really really really try to be a better person. And wipe out all those nasty habits and features of characters that you pointed out for me. (The top 3 was: being opinionated, being scornful- well, I am just sincere!- and blind perfectionism). Thank you for being frank, I like to have frank people around.. you know...but I like being praised much better than that! And also - why even trying, when we know that I can't stop being bitchy about everything I like to mock and that my mouth is too big to close when it becomes inappropriate? Sorry. And above all - no one thought of vanity! And that is what I really need in smaller portions. I mean... I totally love my hotter self, that is so lean, and yeah ... cool, and that! No one wished me more modesty so I guess that's OK with everyone, if not - you don't have time to change it, New Year's is over, and I am overe with the nasty habits lists.

But that's not the point. Whatever you do - just have fun.
(Totally kidding - you better think of ways to get a better position in life, get out the most of every experience - in benefits - and fucking wipe out all that nasty rivals of yours that were bugging you last year!)
Take example of me - even if you fail 3 million times - get your drive back in all of those times. I am still breathing, yes?

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